July in the South

July carried on in much the same vein as June, with the team continuing work up Dovedale and Striding Edge.  Thankfully though we didn’t see any more snow!  However we have seen our fair share of rain, with the summer weather being somewhat debatable this year around the country.  This doesn’t stop play; indeed it just harbours different skills…pitching in a puddle is slightly different to pitching in a hole you can see the bottom of!


Bit icky on the top of Helvellyn!

During July we also had one of our Basecamp blitz, whereby we get as many fix the fells volunteers as we can muster, take them, along with some volunteers from Scotland up onto one of our projects and then blitz the work. This year this approach resulted on us having 3 full days working up on the old man with nearly 30 vols over the 3 day, work wise that amounts to not very far off 100 volunteer days which is pretty incredible.  Big thanks to everyone who came out!







Volunteers cracking on with work on the Old Man

These big volunteer days really help push our projects forward and are great ways for the lengthsmen to gain more practical path building skills that can allow them to attend unsupervised work parties.  These are where, they as volunteer are responsible for the work on the ground, with Rangers being available to oversee the work and make sure that the job specs are being meet.  Again this is great news for the teams as it allows us to focus on the big projects such as Dovedale and Striding Edge and I won't lie, the work does catch up on us with the occasional lunch time nap required!


Luke and Tom catch a few ZZZZzzzzzzzzzz

 So all in all July has been another good month for the team with projects marching onto completion.  With just a few more days required on both Striding Edge and Dovedale, we can move onto our project on the Old Man in the knowledge that we are pretty much on target with the projects so far, here's hoping the weather lets us see plenty of this view!


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