Paths Fixed

Last month the South Lakes Path Rangers have been working on improving a footpath at Claife Station, which is on the west side of Windermere, near to where the car ferry comes across from Bowness. 

Claife station
Photo: Claife Station

One of the main access routes to the ruins is up a stepped path from Ash Landing Car Park and over the years some of the steps have fallen out and so the Path Team was called upon to try and return the steps to their former glory.  The work involves taking out the old steps and re-setting them back into the ground, similar to what we do on the fell without using any foreign material or concrete.  Hopefully the new work should allow easy access to the ruins for everyone to enjoy the views and the Station.

Short cutting damage
Photo: Short cutting damage

One benefit of getting onto the fells last month is that February had been a fantastic month overall for its weather.  Although on some of the days we’ve had snow and it’s been cold, we can’t remember a day when it had rained and our waterproofs haven’t been so dry for a long time.  Below is a photo from Dollywagon Pike on a particularly fine day.

Path worker in the mist
Photo: Path worker in the mist

Team working on the steps
Photo: The team working on the steps

Last month had been slightly difficult to get up to the fells due to all the snow we’ve been having.  Tempting though it is to get up there and do a spot of maintenance when some of the snow has thawed, it’s the stuff that’s accumulated in the gullies that takes along time to melt.  It can make it terribly difficult to clean some of the drains and sweep off the pitching.  We did manage to have a day with the Lengthsmen on Nab Scar.  Most of the work involved stopping short cuts on the route.  Although many of these short cuts to the side of the path don’t look like too much of a problem, if left, it can result in a heavy loss of vegetation.  It can also lead to the stone paths falling out. To solve the problem we try and encourage people back on to the original path line by blocking the short cuts.  Below is a picture of what can happen to the side of the path if short cuts are left.

Luke enjoying the views
Photo: Luke enjoying the views

Unfortunately, we had to go down the hill at the end of the day and if you look hard enough, the photo below shows one of the team descending into the mist that had been in the valleys all day.

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