Team Update June 2014

The early part of June saw the team at Striding Edge and we finally entered the large, eroded gully by the Helvellyn headwall.  A route has developed around the side of the last “Castle”, and the gully has begun to erode very quickly due to the steep and the fragile nature of the slope.  We have buried most of the gravel, stabilized the slope and then we’ve tried to protect any vegetation that is currently clinging on. 


One of the team commencing work on the eroded gully

When not on Striding Edge, the team have been spending some time on the project at Crinkle Crags.  As well as the teams’ usual day to day chipping away at the work, we were also involved with the “Blitz Weekend”.   This event was organized by the team at High Wray Basecamp and the Fix the Fells Lengthsmen.  As well as staff and volunteers from the Lake District working over the weekend, there were representatives from Snowdonia and the National Trust for Scotland.  The “Blitz” team worked on some landscaping with a technique we call Hump and Hollow.  Not only was there loads of work done, it was really good swapping knowledge and skills with people from different areas. 


Many hands make light work

On top of all the project stuff, we’ve been cataloguing all the maintenance work that needs doing on the paths in our patch.  As well as all the information the Lengthsmen have been recording for us every time they go out on a route, we’ve also been walking the paths with the GPS, clipboard and camera.  This is to record all the small scale work that is essential for the upkeep of the fell paths.  It quickly became apparent just how much work there is out there and hopefully, we will have a big push next year to try and tick some of these jobs off.


Route that has developed to the side of the pitching that could undermine the stones.

Also this month, Kendal College completed their section of path at Crinkle Crags, thus ending their six day stint with the team.  Again, organised by Basecamp, this group of Outdoor Education students were out with the team to gain an understanding of why we do this kind of work.  Hopefully, they can then pass on the message of path erosion to the people they’ll meet in their future careers. 


Team Work 


It’s been a good month on the fell with all the extra help we’ve been getting.  We’ve also been helped by a camping working holiday, the Kendal Fellwalkers and as always, the Fix the Fell Lengthsmen.  It makes a massive difference to the amount of work we can get done on the projects.



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