West Team News

Anglo Welsh Endeavours

On the Celtic* fringes of the Lakes a native British campaign to preserve our natural heritage has been progressing...*(that's Keltic not Sellik)

I think we may have done this before...

The first time I experienced deja vu was while standing beside Brown Tongue watching a helicopter land helibags.....or was it?

Fixing The Fell Fringes For February

Such is our relentless devotion to the the protection of the Scafell Massif we have not strayed too far away from our usual summer haunts this winter.

The end of the "summer" is nigh...

Time to pack up the tools and return to the valley after another year of getting closer to the top of Scafell Pike

From Lakefoot to Mountaintop

After completing the Wastwater boat ramp we head back into the hills again.