High Wray Basecamp – the National Trust’s residential volunteer centre in the Lake District

High Wray Basecamp has had a long association with Fix the Fells. As a residential centre with a full kit of tools and working safety gear we play an important part in enabling people to get involved with and find out more about Fix the Fells’ work. It isn’t all we do, but it is a big part.

Volunteers are extremely important to Fix the Fells. They can provide that extra work force to tackle some big and time consuming jobs, freeing up the upland path teams to concentrate on more specialist work. Working with volunteers is also a great way to help spread the understanding of the work to look after our uplands – there’s nothing like having laboured over repairing a path to make you realise that they aren’t just there naturally and they don’t just look after themselves!

From National Trust working holidays to the regular Fix the Fells volunteers, local education providers, supporter groups and other Basecamp volunteer groups we aim to give as many different people as possible the chance to get hands on with upland path repair.

Fix the Fells also supports Basecamp in its wider aims. We work with many organisations whose members have little or no experience of the countryside, such as inner city youth charities and drug and alcohol rehabilitation centres. It really is no exaggeration to say that for many of these volunteers the week here can be a life changing experience and something we hope will grow into a life long love of places like the Lake District – something that can only help Fix the Fells.

Click here to find out more about National Trust working holidays at Basecamp.

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Yearbook 2018

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Volunteer Quotes

I’ve had a brilliant time learning about footpath management – not just how to make one but why we make them. It makes me appreciate all the work that goes into every foot of path and how important the work of the rangers and the Fix the Fells volunteers is.
It’s a magical place to be around, the wild life is out of this world and the walks, it’s all different to me because I’ve always lived in a city. Love it and it’s nice to breath fresh air for once.
Although I have been to the Lake District many times, I had no idea of the amount of work and dedication that goes into making and looking after each metre of path.
Whilst I’ve always had a huge respect for those that work to maintain National Parks, having now spent two days building nine steps my appreciation and respect for all rangers and volunteers has reached new heights
I took from society for so long, it has pleased me to finally start giving something back.
I felt part of a team, that I was doing something for the environment. I felt useful, helpful and part of something worthwhile as I haven’t felt like that for a long time in my life. This experience will last with me forever and I am taking lots of happy memories away with me. It has inspired me for what kind of volunteering work I would like to do in the future.