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August update


On the 1st August the work party site on Langdale Coombe was revisited to use up the last few pieces of sheep fleece and top up the ‘Floating path’ with pinnel. The 2nd of August was the last work day with West Rutton holiday, pitching in the rain at Blea Tarn Moss became a very muddy affair.



 wet and muddy.


The team has been chipping away at the Fairfield project with the help of the Interns; Kimberly, Stuart and Leila, two Dutch volunteers; Anke and Elja, and the Manager; John Moffatt. The 100m of pitched section is close to being finished, although several sections have been left open for the working holiday next month, which should see its completion. The landscaping is greening over nicely, however more seed is required.




Good workout!




 Grizedale Tarn.


The team spent a week working with the Western Footpath Team on Yewbarrow. A badly eroded gully was landscaped to help vegetation grow back and stabilize the area. A lot of the soil had been washed away so a combination of what earth remained and Seed Aide was used as a foundation for grasses to grow. Also stone blockers were built to break the flow of water that runs down the gully, in an effort to prevent further material from being lost. Higher up work was carried out to define a zigzag path through the lose scree material.



Defining a path line.




 Peregrine Falcon on Yewbarrow.

Some of the team also assisted with a working holiday at Ore Gap which runs between Esk Pike and Hanging Knotts in the Langdales. Tents were pitched and dotted about the boulder field; the task for the group was to define the path line up Ore Gap.


Ore Gap Camp and work site.


The work party on the last weekend in August was on the Lower Old man. Work was carried on both ends of the path, landscaping out short-cuts and pitching sections, and a drain was also reset part way up. Both days were busy with walkers, many of which made a donation to the Fix the Fells.


Path to be pitched on lower old man.


Big thanks to the volunteers who worked on Yewbarrow, Fairfield and the Lower Old Man, to Kendal Fell Walkers lengthy drain run up Far Easedale and to the public who donated to Fix the Fells.





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