The Western and southern teams project work commenced on Swirral in 2012. It was completed in 2013.

In 2012 the aim was to try to encourage people to stay closer to the top of the ridge, and not to stray further down the side – in particular the south side – thus damaging more vegetation and creating wider erosion. All the work so far has been carried out by moving material on site to landscape out tracks and paths that appear to show an easier route lower down (there is none, they all used to end in a steep loose gully).

In 2013 we flew 30 bags of rock to site to help with the blocking that has been carried out up to now. The work site extends from the top of the ridge where it meets the summit plateau, down to the point where the path first leaves the ridge at an obvious small col.

As with the work on Striding Edge, this is a precarious site and only experienced rangers undertook this work. It is a site we will continue to monitor and undertake further maintenance work as required. This is another example where the Cicerone Guide to the Eastern Fells will highlight the importance of sticking to the Arete.

Swirral Edge