Our Rangers

Four teams of National Trust rangers work in all weathers on Fix the Fells and are highly skilled. The practical work is also supported by the Lake District National Park Authority with a ranger in the north and through the volunteer lengthsmen scheme.

Since the early 1980s, the teams have evolved into a highly skilled workforce. To build a sustainable path and recreate a natural landscape, team members must be part craftsperson and part artist.  Teams often visit other areas where similar work is undertaken and adapt ideas to the Lake District environment. They also share their skills with colleagues from other areas who wish to learn more about our work.

You can get an insight in to the working life of our ranger teams from the Ranger News posts they write.

Meet the Rangers


Ade Mills

Upland Ranger
I’ve a keen interest in wildlife and conservation, and of course the great outdoors. After volunteering for the RSPB and the National Trust at Arnside & Silverdale, I spent two years working on the National Trust’s Farne Islands and then on a Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust Nature Reserve. I’ve worked as one of the Upland Ranger Team repairing the footpaths in the Central & Eastern Fells ever since.

Joe Bagnall

Ranger Supervisor
Having grown up in the Lake District I have always wanted the opportunity to work and live in the area. I have a keen interest in the history of the Lake District and enjoy working to preserve that heritage and the natural landscape around it.

Ranger Supervisor of the Upland Team for Coniston and South Lakes we are responsible for maintaining and repairing the paths around Coniston, we also do a lot of erosion control and estate work in the area.

Leo Walmsley

Upland Ranger
Having grown up in the Langdale valley I have many interests in the outdoors and spend as much of my own time within the hills as I do whilst working to maintain their beauty.

Jon Lavender

Upland Ranger
After moving back home to the Lake District in 2013, a chance meeting saw me volunteering with the National Trust. I had found what I wanted to do and I feel very lucky to now work for the West Lakes upland team.

Iain Gray

Upland Ranger
Since joining the Trust at a young age in the previous century my sphere of activity has been extensive and peculiar, from the Sisyphean task of repairing the path to scafell pike from Wasdale head to ceremonial piping.

Ben Brady

Upland Ranger
After a stint of working as a ranger for the National Trust in the south east I decided it was time to move back to Cumbria and was fortunate enough to join the South Lakes Upland Team in 2016. It’s an amazing opportunity help protect a landscape that has inspired me from a young age and so far provided me with a lifetime of geological interest and adventure.

Jordan Worsfold

Upland Ranger
My journey with the Trust started back in 2013 as a Meadow Ranger in the wilds of London; this led to a placement on the Ranger Academy, managing the chalk downs of Buckinghamshire.
My ambition was always to work in the Lakes, it’s a place that inspires me more than any other place in the world.
I met the North Lakes upland team on Castle Crag some years ago and after a lengthy chat decided that the upland team was the life for me. The chap that I spoke to those years ago is now my boss, funny how life can work out.

Annie Duckworth

Fix the Fells Ranger
My role is to organise and oversee the practical work programme for Fix the Fells. This is done to the highest standards by utilizing the skills and enthusiasm of the National Trust Upland Ranger teams and a dedicated group of Fix the Fells volunteers.

I strongly believe that we should look after the Lake District properly for future generations to enjoy, and not simply exploit and despoil it by ignoring the damage that we all inadvertently cause.

Ted Everitt-Stewart

Ranger Supervisor
I was brought up in rural Leicestershire where I spent every day outside looking after our animals. Whenever I could I’d head up North and smiled every time ‘The Lakes’ sign flashed by on the M6. Now I’m fortunate enough to live up here and enjoy every aspect of the fells in and outside of work.

Jonny Skinn

Upland Ranger
I started volunteering for the Trust in 2013 In North Yorkshire and went on to be the Academy Ranger in the region. I moved over to the Lakes to join the Central and Eastern Team in March 2017 and I have enjoyed working in such great landscapes and learning new skills from a very experienced team. I also have a great interest in wildlife (especially birds) and conservation.

Matt Tweed

Fix the Fells Volunteer Development Ranger
After cutting my teeth as a ranger in the wilds of Scotland, it’s a privilege to be helping to protect the iconic Lake District fells, inspiration for Wordsworth, Coleridge, and so many visitors since. Through work, study, and travel, I have gained an acute appreciation of the far-reaching benefits that upland conservation can bring, and it’s a real source of inspiration to be working alongside the dedicated Fix-the Fells volunteers to achieve these benefits in such a cherished landscape.
Pete Entwhistle

Pete Entwistle

Ranger Supervisor
Responsible for supervising upland path repairs and maintenance for the National Trust in the Central and Eastern Fells.

My interest in the outdoors and walking in the Lakes goes back to spending every weekend as a child walking with my parents up one mountain or another, by the time I was 10 I’d probably been up every mountain in the Lakes.

I’ve also have a keen interest in the environment and spend many hours photographing wildlife.

Rob Clarke

Fix the Fells Volunteer Ranger
Many years looking out of an office window in Bristol inspired me to move to the Lakes and volunteer for the National Trust. This turned into a job with the South Lakes upland path team, followed by several years at National Trust Basecamp centre for volunteering before taking up my current post working with FtF volunteers to deliver ERDF-funded path work.
Liam Prior

Liam Prior

Ranger Supervisor
I’m delighted to join the Western Lakes Upland Team and get to know this stunning part of the UK a lot better. I’ve worked and travelled across the UK and some beautiful parts of the world but am happy where I’ve landed.

I enjoy camping and walking, which seems lucky with the job I have. I’m looking forward to working with a wide range of people and picking up a few tricks along the way.