Walkers urged to stick to paths, reducing damage to landscapes and wildlife, as social distancing increases erosion

  • Higher visitor numbers and social distancing causing fresh erosion at beauty spots
  • Wet winter weather likely to make damage worse and affect habitats
  • Advice is to wear appropriate footwear, stick to the original path and either walk in single file or step off and back on the path in the same place when passing others
  • Additional funds will be needed to repair cumulative effect of damage to paths
Path widening at Cat Bells in the Lake District. Credit Stuart Walker

The National Trust press release describing the problem country-wide and containing several case studies from beauty spots across the country can be found here 086 Erosion to pathways

Fix the Fells press release detailing the problems caused in the Lake District can be found here Press Release_Fix the Fells_ Path Erosion_Dec2020